Refresh Rate Changes After Sleep

When I put my PC into sleep mode and then exit sleep mode, the main monitor changes refresh rate to 60hz from 144hz. This is quite annoying as it moves everything to a different monitor every time. The other 2 monitors are 60hz. I’ve had this issue forever with 2 different amd cards. This does not happen when I boot up, the refresh rate stays 144hz across restarts, but not with sleep. Is there any way for me to make it persistent when it goes to sleep as well?

Let me guess that this is connected via HDMI?

The main one is display port and the other 2 are dvi with display port adaptors.

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I have the same exact behaviour when I turn off the monitor. I turn it back on and refresh is set to 60hz.


Has anyone find solution for this? I tested Xfce on my system and I had same problem when I turned my display of or put it to sleep. I think this is purely Xfce bug since KDE and Gnome keeps my refresh rate settings.


I still have not found a solution.

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HI use profies :slight_smile: for display so afrer wakepu it will apply it

15033 – Refresh rate resets when monitor reconnects (


Actually, the issue was resolved when I changed monitors in December. My 1440p 170hz monitor stays 170hz even after waking from sleep.