Reflector simple problem

Not able to update arch linux servers. Not getting connected to web site when running pacman -Syu. Just repo packages are getting updated.
Is it something related to ISP blocking some web sites? or my system issue.
Only firefox browser is working. Nothing from AUR like yandex and opera
Reflector-simple says problem when trying to update arch linux servers.
If reinstallation solves issue, then i can install .No need to waste time.
Because accidentally kde plasma got mixed up . qt5-declarative package. May be causing issues as well.

pacman does not handle AUR stuff. You can use yay instead.
For example, to update all Arch, EndeavourOS and AUR packages, run


I installed Endeavour OS with Plasma KDE as DE about two months ago. It’s normal to get qt5-declarative and qt6-declarative both installed; it should not be a reason to re-install Endeavour OS. There are packages that still require qt5-declarative, for example accounts-qml-module or sddm, while eos-quickstart requires qt6-declarative.

It is about yay helper only. Someone disconnected endeavourOS from AUR web site. After selecting package from yay helper installation process halted with an error saying not found.
I know there is a haskell-arch-web
package that secures binding and connection to AUR repo.
For few hours i encountered that error.After resetting ISP router, AUR repo connection got established. Could be AI Bot from google that was sitting on its partner airtel ISP router.

My desktop is XFCE. Don’t know why qt5 declarative+169 or 173+

> kde

package is getting installed during updates.

Some Endeavour OS tools use it. I tried Endeavour OS with XFCE and found some Qt packages installed.