"Reflector Simple" might need a small correction

For information. “Reflector Simple” seems to work without problems otherwise. What’s happening is that I decided to run it with “sudo” because it was going to ask for my password anyway for it to be able to save to “pacman” configuration.

[~]$ sudo reflector-simple
[sudo] password for __: 
reflector-simple: info: reading file /etc/reflector-simple-tool.conf
sed: -e expression #1, char 18: Invalid range end
reflector-simple: info: reading file /etc/reflector-simple.conf

Then the GUI is shown and everything goes as usual.

Don’t do this. Instead of only the part that needs root to elevated, you are running the entire thing elevated. Even the network access pieces. There is no reason to do this. It has no benefits and only downsides.



I’m sorry. It will be the last time I will run it then.

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