Reflector-simple can't find mirrors suddenly

‘reflector-simple’ can’t find mirrors suddenly. Previously it was working as expected. I used HTTP and HTTPS protocols, but none are working now.

My pacman -Sy command is working without any problem. It uses the mirror which was previously selected without any problem. The mirror is not out of sync.

Screenshot from 2022-07-21 15-47-16

Screenshot from 2022-07-21 15-47-42

you might want to add India to your mirrors as an alternative if the Bangladesh mirrors are too slow or not available.

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If I add a Bangladeshi mirror by editing the mirror list, it works without any issue.

The problem is that reflector-simple is failing to find any Bangladeshi mirror.

I was trying to add both BD and Indian mirrors. But reflector-simple simply fails at finding any BD mirror.

You could try increasing the “Download timeout” and see if it will work.

Also you could try the command line tool reflector: and see if that works.

sudo reflector --verbose --country 'Bangladesh' -l 5 -a 100 -p http --sort rate --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
[sudo] password for md: 
error: no mirrors found

This happens with the command line tool reflector.

What does

rate-mirrors arch


I find it to be much more reliable than reflector and much simpler than reflector-simple :rofl:

There’s no need to fuss with geography, you normally just want a couple of mirrors that are up to date and you have a fast connection to them.

If you find good mirrors with rate-mirrors, just save the stdout to /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist:

rate-mirrors arch | sudo tee /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

That’s quite odd!
Same command line with the only difference of using India instead of Bangladesh works just fine.

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That is odd.

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Do you have a working mirror from Bangladesh already in your mirrorlist?

Trying to generate a mirrorlist for Bangladesh at: yields only one mirror:

## Arch Linux repository mirrorlist
## Filtered by mirror score from mirror status page
## Generated on 2022-07-21

## Bangladesh
#Server =$repo/os/$arch
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This is a working mirror. Did you generate it using reflector-simple?

It works but can’t rate BD mirror.

I used this page:


Great, problem solved!

So what? Why do you care about using a mirror that is in Bangladesh?

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There seems to be only one mirror in Bangladesh so I don’t get the point of rating it. :thinking:

Also: http Bangladesh HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error 2022-07-20 20:20 1

Check here:

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reflector only returns mirrors with a completion percentage of 100% by default.

If you check the mirror status page, you can see that the bangladesh mirror is not at 100% so it is not included.

If you pass --completion-percent=90, it will show up at the time of this posting.


It’s getting there! http Bangladesh 98.5%

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reflector --verbose --country 'Bangladesh' --completion-percentage=90 
usage: reflector [-h] [--connection-timeout n] [--download-timeout n] [--list-countries] [--cache-timeout n] [--url URL] [--save <filepath>] [--sort {age,rate,country,score,delay}] [--threads n] [--verbose] [--info] [-a n] [--delay n]
                 [-c <country name or code>] [-f n] [-i <regex>] [-x <regex>] [-l n] [--score n] [-n n] [-p <protocol>] [--completion-percent [0-100]] [--isos] [--ipv4] [--ipv6]
reflector: error: unrecognized arguments: --completion-percentage=90

There seems to be a typo:



Yes. Indeed.


Thanks to all for their support.

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@mdintisar thanks for marking my post as the solution but the the credit is due to @dalto for their explanation of the working of reflector and pointing out the --completion-percent option.

Please consider marking their post as the solution of the topic.