Reflector-auto.conf missing

After installing reflector-auto.conf using the command sudo pacman -S reflector-auto the config file was not available to edit:

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Hi, and welcome here!

The config file is not required, but it may help to configure reflector-auto to be better suitable for automatic running.

Anyway, here’s some parts of my version of the config file:

## Configuration for 'reflector-auto'.

# use only these countries (select suitable for your location!):
--country Germany
-c France

# exclude some mirrors for various reasons:
-x ratenzahlung

# use only https protocol
--protocol https

# only mirrors synced within 2 hours:
--age 2

# only fastest 10 mirrors
--fastest 10

# sort results based on the download rate
--sort rate

# these options not currently used:
# --latest 20 --number 10

As you can see, the options in the config file are ordinary reflector options.
You can use command

reflector -h

to see available reflector options that can be used in the config file.