Redshift temp color to match gnome's

I’ve got several OS’s installed, and on my EndeavourOS box, I am running redshift. On my Ubuntu 24.04 machine, It looks like it uses a gnome built-in tool to do the same effect. I notice that on the Ubuntu machine, the color (temp-night) is much better than when redshift on my Ubuntu box is running. Has anyone been able to refine their redshift settings to mimic this, or to get it to a good color to minimize blue light? Here’s just about how my redshift is configured:

I use redshift. I’ve just compared your conf file to mine and apart from location the only real difference is the day/night temps. Mine are 6500 and 3600. Your conf file is worded a little differently to mine, but I think that’s because it’s newer. I’ve been using the same file on multiple installs for a long time. The app is up to date though: 1.12-12 from the official repos, not one from the AUR. So basically we are running with the same conf, apart from the temps, which are a matter of taste anyway. I’d just tweak them until you are happy.