Redox: a Unix-like Operating System written in Rust

What is Redox?

Redox is a microkernel-based operating system, a complete, fully-functioning, general-purpose operating system with a focus on safety, freedom, reliability, correctness, and pragmatism.

Wherever possible, the system components are written in Rust and run in user-space.

What is the purpose of Redox?

The main goal of Redox is to be a general-purpose OS, while maintaining security, reliability and correctness.

Redox aims to be an alternative to existing Unix systems (Linux/BSD), with the ability to run most Unix programs with only recompilation or minimal modifications.

What programs can Redox run?

Redox is designed to be source-compatible with most Unix, Linux and POSIX-compilant applications, only requiring compilation.

Currently, most GUI applications require porting, as we don’t support X11 or Wayland yet.

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