Recommendation for icons for LibreOffice darkmode wanted

I’m looking for an icon set for LibreOffice for darkmode, where the account and readability is better than with the included sets. The set in the screenshot is already the best I found, the others look even worse (Colibre svg).

Gonna follow this, was thinking the same thing when I was using it earlier today

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I wonder how much work it is to tackle them oneself… most of those look pretty usable, actually. Only 5 or 6 to tweak?

I’m quite happy with the Breeze icon set (since I use Breeze theme on KDE Plasma). This is how it looks:

And these are my settings:

I haven’t got LibreOffice installed, but might Numix be good?

@Kresimir thanks for your suggestion. Okay, here’s how it works. Unfortunately I forgot to mention that I absolutely do not like Breeze. I find this style very ugly. But it’s a solution that you could work with …

Well, I’m not using LibreOffice to admire the beauty of its GUI, but to open and edit documents that other people sent me (when I’m making a document, I use LATEX).

I guess when it comes to picking between “very ugly” but readable and “slightly less ugly” but unreadable, I’ll go with the former. :man_shrugging:t3:

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This is undoubtedly true.


I installed the hicontrast add-on.