Recommendation for a good duplicate image finder

I’m looking for a duplicate image finder. one that is GUI and shows the images it finds side-by-side. One that doesn’t just look at the file names, but rather compares the data of the files. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

For those interested I found Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder. It’s a Windows app I just installed with PlayOnLinux. The Linux apps either were full fledged photo applications, command-line only, or simply did not do a side-by-side comparison.

A native solution is fdupes.
Not restricted to images but for every type of file, and can be used together with duperemove on btrfs filesystems.


BTW, I use fdupes, too.

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Thanks guys much appreciated, but as I said for this I wanted a GUI based for side-by-side comparison.

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I have not tried it myself, but dupeguru is in the AUR:

This review is for the Mac version, but the Linux functionality should be equivalent:

If the dupeGuru is in Picture Mode, you can also preview images without having to open them with the associated app.


Thanks I missed that. I just might just have to take a look at both programs recommended after all.

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