Recoll: Change evince to okular

Hi all wonderful guys!
I have Recoll on KDE Plasma, BTRFS.
In search results attempting to open a PDF file it is configured to use evince but I want it to use okular.

I have it configured in Preferences → GUI configuration → User interafce tab → choose editor applications

evince --page-index=%p --find=%s %f

I tried at the bottom to add okular at “New values”

okular --page-index=%p --find=%s %f

But it does not seem to work.

How can I change it permanently to make okular the default not evince?
Thank you.

Use File Associations search for it the application launcher menu search bar.
The move okular to the top of Application Preference Order for pdf

Thank you @daab for attempting to help!
I checked and I have the same as the photo you posted.

I believe it is configuration of Recoll, I have to change something in the menus/fields I mentioned in OP.

I did it once (as my OP) and it worked, but perhaps I am missing something.
I just do not want to do something stupid.

In search results, I can right click on open with and I have Okular as first option.

Just change them to “Desktop Default” by selecting the line and click apply without any other options.


As usual, @dalto is always there for the rescue. Though I don’t really nedd it now after I got it working through Dolphin and after the "customization I did at Make Dolphin Use Recoll "kio_recoll" Installed - #68 by limotux

But I will do it in Recoll app as well. You took time to reply to me and I won’t waste it.

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Seems to me that “Desktop Default” is masking a command below it.
For “application/msword” though it apears “Desktop Default” it has

libreoffice %f

It isn’t masking it. That is just telling you what recoll’s default it. When you select desktop default, it uses whatever you have configured on the system itself.

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I tried as well putting “okular %f”, and it works.

Sure, but then if you switch your preferred pdf viewer at a later date you will have to change it in multiple places. The only reason to set a specific application on that list is if you want recoll to use a different application than the rest of the system.

I am just experimenting and trying lots of things… to learn…
But generally I would go with the defaults.
Thank you very much.

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