Recent Update

Last night and update notification came up on the system. I help off till this morning because I was in the middle of stuff. I figured since the ESO megaservers were down and I am getting ready for a cpu upgrade i figured I would attempt to flash the bios. I ran the yaupg command omitted the the files related to java because for what ever reason there is a recursive error I keep getting during updates that’s just annoying. Anyhow after a few password entries and a bunch of screen puke the update completed. I rebooted and was welcomed by the press ctrl-d or enter root password to continue. As usual i ctrl-d and it went right back to the same thing. this time I entered my password and was welcomed to an emergency root prompt. I am currently not at my computer so I cant proved any logs at this exact moment. I was not able to bring up the ethernet card. I used the ip link set ####### up and nothing.

during the reboot I attempted to do the bios update; long story short the bios update did happen, wouldn’t even start (another story for another time.)

I was just going to reload the system but that was even not looking right. I have BTRFS setup and my /home is on a separate drive. When I got into the partition setup the existing partition table did not look right. I was not able to edit the separate drive to assign it to /home.

I hope i did not completely hose the system. I have a ton of data on the /home that I can not loos just yet. I have not gotten by backup solution set up yet. GF and I are still trying to figure out what we want.

Appears my home drive lost mapping, maybe? Not sure where to start other than grub to see if the entry is there.

Is your drive seen by the motherboard in the bios? Had these issues when I had a faulty cable and the drive would simply not show. If so you can try to mount manually after logging in as root.

I finally got the bios update done. When I was in there it did appear that all the associated drives were there.

I ran the newest iso and did an lsblk and didn’t see the final raid drive. I’ll take another look here shortly to confirm.

The bios does in fact show all 6 hdd. Lsblk shows all 6 hdd. What’s missing is the raid device. Yes I know my setup is not ideal due to the disk sizes. I would have to install my windows NVMe to see whats actually going on. I don’t understand how an OS update can wipe out a hardware raid.

Here is the output of my subvolumes. I should have an @home subvolume which us not listed.