Recent problem with Software installer

Ok I wasn’t sure of the best title to use here because the app is simply called “software”

I can still use it for system updates, and I can still install things fine trough, discover or Pamac
but this particular installer keeps saying “No Application Data Found”
I’m running KDE.

There isn’t enough information so I was wondering if this is Gnome desktop?

oh sorry about that.
I’m running KDE Plasma, I’ll edit my original post

Looks like gnome-software.

ps. Do you actually need three graphic package managers? Discover is native to KDE.

Ya it looks like Gnome software store?

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It very well could be?
Why would it no longer be displaying available software?
Should I just uninstall it and stick to discover/pamac ?

You might be lacking some dependency.

Name : gnome-software
Version : 3.36.1-1
Description : GNOME Software Tools
Licenses : GPL2
Repository : community
Installed Size : 16,5 MB
Groups : gnome
Depends On : libxmlb gnome-desktop gsettings-desktop-schemas gspell libpackagekit-glib gnome-online-accounts appstream-glib
Optional Dependencies: flatpak: Flatpak support plugin
fwupd: fwupd support plugin
ostree: OSTree support plugin
Packager : Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig)
Build Date : 2020-05-22
Signatures : Yes

Attempted a re-isntall through Pamac but it didn’t seem to help.

If you are using KDE I would just stick with discover and if you are using pamac that’s okay too. There is a tray indicator for pamac on KDE also.


From my experience - and that doesn’t tell a lot - these app-stores is a hit and miss.

They are usually designed for use with Debian or Ubuntu base and as such you may experience various issues.

Like it or not - in my opinion there is only one graphical - reasonable mature application for Arch based systems - and it is Pamac. The Manjaro developer behind it has matured this app quite a lot over the past years.

And the console version is a great AUR helper. Luckily the AUR version is build without snap, flatpak etc.

But - there is always a but - don’t use the GUI to run critical or large system updates - such updates is a job for pacman.

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I would heed to the advice given above, but if you really need gnome-software, try installing via terminal and see if it works:

sudo pacman -Syu gnome-software

I have used discover a fair bit but I tend to use pacman or yay and also pamac too. Can’t say that I have had an issue with discover. But it’s installed so sometimes I use it.

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I honestly mostly rely on Pamac myself. It’s not that I need the gnome-software store, only that, it was working, and then it suddenly wasn’t, and I couldn’t even figure out how to trouble shoot it because I couldn’t identify specifically what it was.

Thank you everyone for all the help.

I would uninstall the gnome-software store. On gnome desktop it is part of the packages. On KDE I would stick with KDE plasma packages.

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Even Pamac can have difficulties displaying the app-info after an update to the package. This post might help your situation as well How to fix pamac-aur / pamac-aur-git empty list on start