Reboot message appears before AUR build ends

EOS pop-up recommanding reboot seems to appear right after official repository packages are updated but before AUR build ends, when using Pamac with AUR and Third Party → AUR → Check for updates is enabled.

I am not sure if it is technically possible but if possible, I think the pop-up should appear after AUR update is done. The user might reboot the system whilst AUR build is going on.

Stuff like this just makes me sad. There is no need for this complexity. There is no need for update notifiers and reboot recommendations. And Pamac? Pamac is the worst!

The update should be as simple as typing yay and your password. And paying attention for any unusual messages.

You can reboot after an update, but you don’t really have to. If something seems broken, reboot, and see if it is fixed (before posting about it on the forum). If everything works fine, no need to reboot. It’s really that simple.


The reboot notifier is a pacman hook.

Hooks on repo packages run before AUR packages are processed.

I do not like the app either; it is buggy, and its UI design is inconvenient and weird. The problem is that it is still the only GUI for pacman. Sometimes command-line pacman can do, but if I want to do more complex things like browsing packages to find one, read descriptions, see the screenshots, see the file contents, etc, using GUI is far better than remembering and typing all those command lines.

If I were rich and had a few years of free time without working to earn money, I would be tempted to write a GUI for pacman myself. It does not have to be inconvenient and buggy like pamac…

not clear what exactly someone should do or change… there are two notification apps running… uninstall one of them should solve the issue.

Just ignore the reboot message. I get that too. pacman hook triggers the notification as soon as it ends up updating the system packages. But it doesn’t detect the rest of the stuff done by the wrappers like yay or paru which might be still updating the AUR packages.