Reboot into firmware interface problem

So, After installing EndeavourOS, I decided to increase my swap space, I’m a newbie and I think I did something wrong. when increasing the swap space and restarting it only showed me one option called Reboot into firmware interface. Keep in mind I’m using XFCE and systemd-boot. Can anyone help?

Some more details about what changes you exactly made and also about your system would surely helps those able to help you to have something to go by.

How did you increase the swap space? What commands, etc?
What other system files did you modify? And in what way?
What file system are you using?

Also, please have a look at the article linked to here below and provide some “hardinfo”, logs, etc.

Hopefully, this will give forum members some more clue as to what might be going on with your system.

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Logs are always essential, as @pebcak already asked for.

If the only change you did was resize the swap partition, the problem can be the swap setting in file /etc/fstab. It should be changed to correspond the new partition uuid.
You do this by booting with the USB installer stick and using e.g. a terminal and the nano editor:

lsblk -f    # shows partition info needed for the fix
sudo nano /etc/stab

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as i can see you are not able to boot the EndeavourOS install so you can also hardly provide logs in this state…
But if you have still the installer image at hand you can boot installer usb (ISO) and arch-chroot into the installed system:
From there you can show logs and systeminfo