Realtek RTL8125B Driver


I got a new networc card with 2.5G Ethernet. Do I need the latest “Realtek RTL8125B Driver” to work with EOS with 2.5G?

How can I install the driver for the card?

Thanks for your help

I suppose it depends on the exact chipset you have. I have a 2.5Gb Realtek adapter and for me it is working fine without any out of kernel modules.

I would try it and see how it works before adding other drivers.

Hi dalto,

in my settings it says 1 Gigabit. I have a AsRock X470 Mainboard.

In your settings where? Is it connected to a 2.5GB switch?

This is a PCIE Network Card. Its in my System. Network settings from EOS.

One goes to a 2.5GB Switch and the other cable to my PC.

Can you show a screenshot of what you are referring to? There are many different applications in EOS called network settings.


What do you see if you click the gear next to your network adapter?

Sorry, now I see the 2.5G connection. I connect the network cable directly with my Nas.

But It failed.

I also configure my routing Resources only in the network, but the connection failed.

Has someone any idea?