Really loving the EOS ARM wallpapers

I went through the library of EOS wallpapers for the Galileo release, and despite appreciating all of them, I can’t help but really love the ARM ones, especially the one below.

Whoever made this wallpaper did a damn good job. I have been rocking this one since installing EOS a few weeks ago and have not had any desire to change it.

Hope to see more of these in the future. :ok_hand:


Too bad, that Kerbal Space Program doesn’t work on ARM :smiley:

apparently designers put their soul on the arm wallpapers

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Those are the Apollo wallpapers (April 2022) made by Rockwallaby. His last contribution to us was the Cassini release, since then we haven’t heard from him anymore.


He could be busy or something but what he did is incredible i sometimes feel that the eos team gives more support and spend time on arm the main x86_64 feels left out , themes just do not match on it

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We haven’t heard from him for over a year.

The team on x86_64 is bigger than the ARM team, as I wrote earlier. At the moment, I’m not interested in repeating myself, again…


Nah what i mean is that the wallpapers snd the overall theme of the x86_64 feels left out than that of arm


Arm feels very pretty tho