Raw Therapee & GIMP Tutorial | How To Edit Photos On Linux, The Free & Easy Way. Beginner Friendly

In this video I show you how easy it is to edit photos with Raw Therapee.

I take a very beginner-friendly approach to post processing photographs on Linux, using free and open source software.

The intro bits where I make myself coffee were recorded with the SONY a7R and the Sigma Super Wide II 24mm f/2.8 which I reviewed here.

The talking head part of the intro was filmed with the Yashica ML 28mm f/2.8, soon to be reviewed here on the channel.

The desktop was captured with OBS Studio.
Video montage done in DaVinci Resolve.
All photos were processed with Raw Therapee and GIMP.
Everything on Manjaro Linux.

If you have any feedback and/or criticism I’m happy to hear it.


Great and useful video. I only can suggest to visit these 2 links that I’ve found searching for information to start my own channel (I don’t know if it would happen, I’m still in doubt):

I really like your intro, is so good, but I was about to leave the video and go to get myself a cup of coffee, so you maybe want to consider if you need an intro or going directly to engage viewers.

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I feel like you might be a fan of Peter Mckinnon without 100% understanding why his intros work. That’s ok though, film takes practice but if I’m being honest your intro is very static and dull.

Appreciated the video, but if you do an intro like that you need to nail it and need to really pull a viewers attention or they’ll just leave.

Edit: some more tips

You need to try and sound more like an authority. Its ok to admit you dont know things but the video sounds like you’re not 100% on this process. Perhaps you didn’t have a script? Also try to spice up the parts with talking and not doing anything in a program by switching to your face in camera vs sitting at a static screen and explaining.

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Very good tips from the both of you. Thank you!