Rate my setup 2020 broke Student edition

you miss-spelled RX 6900 XT :nerd_face:


At least it ain’t Windoze!


stop drinking ink :sweat_smile:


Vaseline next to an internet capable machine, this is an ideal setup.

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replace the laptop with a dust-brown nameless tower with a bright white CD Rom (and lose the flat screen, those were not invented yet) and you have my setup from just moving out but unemployed from 1996.

Oh and also r/battlestations

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Why go over there, when we have battlestations over here? :wink:

Show your battlestations


Vaseline strange . just glad no tissues :blush:

sorry i not help myself :rofl:

Awesome keyboard, multitool, two deoderants and some vaseline. 10/10

Hey, we have the same keyboard! That would be a Rosewill neon k75 according to the box wich i use to prop-up my monitor. xD

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OK, so firstly you shouldn’t be drinking ink. That’s not good for your health (and a bit weird, just generally).

Secondly, you need to upgrade to a proper-sized fountain pen. A Jinhao 159 has enough heft to double up as a tactical baton.

Thirdly, your keyboard layout is just plain wrong as evidenced by the total lack of £ and € and a pointlessly thin Enter key.

Finally, complete lack of noodle/ramen packets. I mean, what?


Dude that’s my Pilot Decimo White Pearl!
Got it to celebrate an occasion(don’t remember though). For the low low price of 70 bucks


Really? It’s a cheap outemu blue ABKO hacker keyboard from China. Suprised that it exists outside of Korea

Oops, I miss-saw lolz. It looked pretty similar at first glance.

I will never complain about my computer again. :zipper_mouth_face:


This cannot be stressed enough.

Having a thicc Enter
key gets you 10 additional points automatically.


Dragging your ring finger from left to right on a long Enter key before pressing it is very satisfactory. Thicc Enters are cumbersome to press.

Yes, I’m dying on this hill.

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I too will die for long enter keys

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Integration sums on your notebook. I just graduated from high school and seeing them reminds of the days when I bunked classes because I hated integration!

Actually I hated every subject apart from computer science, and I bunked every class

300USD comes out to be quite inexpensive considering your setup. I’ll be purchasing a laptop soon and I would need to spend 500~550USD. Not counting the keyboard.

9/10 for you. Put large cup of coffee on your table and that’ll make it 10/10. :upside_down_face:

The key is to buy second-hand items and to have your dad steal stuff from work :joy:

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