Raspberry Pi 5 vs 5b; the Difference?

Hi, I was wondering what the difference is between the Raspberry Pi 5 versus the 5b. I cannot find any information on what the 5b is. I was also wondering if EndeavourOS ARM would install fine on my 8 GB Raspberry Pi 5. Will the โ€œ5bโ€ image work?

There are two models available, Raspberry Pi 5 model A and Raspberry Pi 5 model B.

This page will answer all your questions. Scroll to the bottom of the pictures chart for Raspberry PI 5 model B


I have never seen a RPi 5 model A offered anywhere, in common use, for the most part I believe that RPi 5 and RPi 5 model B are essentially the same.

If your Raspberry Pi 5 has an ethernet port, double USB 3 connector, and double USB 2 connector, then it is a Raspberry Pi 5 model B. Use this image:

Just make sure you have an adequate heat sink and adequate power supply.

Here is a pic of my Raspberry Pi 5 model B with 8 GB RAM running Plasma on an external USB3 SSD enclosure.


I hope you enjoy your RPi 5b.


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