📣 Raspberry Pi 5 announced


It is impressive how “an education toy for kids” changed over the years. Direct PCIe drive booting with Gbit ethernet at ~6W power should make a very good home server.

I hope they plan for sufficient supply of these devices. I am waiting for a Zero 2 for over a year and it is still not in stock.

I thought about this as well. It feels like the “education tool” got dropped by the wayside and now it’s more or less a device to push to the limits.
Also, they are not cheap anymore.

The price may be relative. For the education you can still buy Pi3 or low ram Pi4 which would be about 40€ (or Zero about 20€), Pi5 is about 80€ but a comparable small computer like NUC would be about 200-300€.

Raspberry pi has very little competition if you compare performance to price ratio.

4Kp60 HEVC decoder ← I can see people using this for Plex and similar
Gigabit Ethernet, with PoE+ support (requires separate PoE+ HAT, coming soon) ← this is really nice.
PCIe 2.0 x1 interface for fast peripherals ← plug a M.2 ?
Real-time clock ← How long have we be waiting for this ?

Can someone ask the scalpers to wait for me to get one? :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the updated news. I haven’t been paying much attention lately to Raspberry Pi. I think i might get one since i only have the Pi 400. It sounds like it is much more powerful with newer updated features.

Sounds good. I wonder how long it will take before someone has Arch up and running on one. Still hoping for a later 16GB variant.

Quite a few YouTube videos were released at that time. ETA Prime, Gary Explains, Jeff Gerling, ExplainingComputers, LeePSPvideo, etc. They apparently have had one for a few weeks now.
Hoping to see Argon release an aluminum case with NVMe support, and full-sized HDMI ports, like they did with the RPi4.
Think I’ll make one into an Android Desktop once KonstaKANG releases a build. I already have 2 EndeavourOS computers, both 6W quad cores (N6000 desktop and N5030 laptop).

I’ve recently come to understand that 64-bit Widevine is available on the Raspberry. I’ve got an old Pi 3 that I used as my Steam Link but, might be fun to get one of these and make a “travel PC” out of it.

The “Explaining Computers” guy is really good. I got a Pi 4 for my dad and put a link to his YouTube on it.

Maybe I’ll get one. I still have a pre-ordered pi4 4gb that I probably have like 50 hours on since it could never play video worth a damn and I only got it to watch football in my shop area with. It has always been choppy and terrible and was never able to be used for that, so t’s pretty much been useless to me. I should have sold it years ago. I’m hoping the pi5 might be a usable product this go.

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Have you tried RaspiOS or Raspbian (new name) ? The 32-bit version with Chromium works fine with H264 1080p.

The last time I tried was maybe 6 months ago. I bring out once or twice a year and re-try. RpiOS has been the closest, but I have not tried it this football season so far since I just finished my new PC anyways and I’ve been playing with tthat :slight_smile:

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Phonorix is comparing rpi5 with rpi4 in the article below, pretty impressive…


Today when I updated my RPi 4b development computer, pacman asked if I wanted to
Replace rpi-eeprom with rpi4-eeprom. So I looked in Archlinux ARM packages and found this.

rpi4-eeprom Bootloader and VLI USB controller EEPROM update for bcm2711/RPi4 SoC|

rpi5-eeprom Bootloader and VLI USB controller EEPROM update for bcm2712/RPi5 SoC|

So it looks like Archlinux ARM is going to support RPi 5 and is already getting ready for it.
Maybe they got a pre-release RPi 5 ?



Good to know as i might get one of these Pi 5.


So …you getting one? I have the Pi 400. I don’t have any Pi 4 so i was looking at orange Pi 800 but i don’t think it’s much more than the Pi 400. I like the sounds of 2-3X more performance. I haven’t been satisfied with trying to run KDE on this Pi 400. But i think the Pi 5 sounds like it just might work better.

Cortex-A76, this is good news for Mongodb v5 and above.
ARMv8.2-A 64-bit, this meets the requirements perfectly…

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Not at the moment anyway.
I’m on a diet so no pie for me for quite a while yet.