Ranger icons missing

Hello everyone,

for the life of me I can’t find the solution to missing icons in ranger file manager.
I’m on i3wm, the terminal is xfce4-terminal, the font for the terminal is Source Code Pro 10.
I installed with pacman the fonts ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols, ttf-nerd-fonts-symboals-common. Hell I even tried to install them all 4GB worth of fonts.

And yet, in ranger, I see most fonts except for a few like the music note icon and a few others.

I read somewhere it might be a missing locale.conf or the LANG not set in that file. but it is already set.

I still think it’s a font problem since I can see most of them. Most of them show up.
Any ideas?

Does it (terminal) support icons? I know it doesn’t support ligatures.

I think so. I see most of the icons. There are just a few missing.

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Just to confirm. Are you using this plugin?

If you copy the glyph and paste it somewhere inside your terminal, does it render?

yes I use that plugin. I’ve git cloned it in the right folder.
In ranger, right now, most icons/glyphs show up.
The ones that don’t are I think all music related, flac, mp3, etc…

When I copy a glyph in terminal, yes it renders, except for the music ones.

Follow-up remark:

If you are indeed using the plugin I mentioned, try to clone the repo of the plugin (https://github.com/alexanderjeurissen/ranger_devicons) and then open the devicons.py file with your terminal. Check and if the glyphs render.

Interesting indeed.

Can you open the devicons.py file inside that repo on your terminal? That file contains a list of all the default icons. By looking at that file, you can see which glyphs aren’t rendered.

yes I did clone the repo of the plugin.
And when I open devicons.py in terminal, almost all glyphs render except for the music ones.

I see. I’m going to do a quick test. Just a sec.


Alright, I’m back.

Can you check whether you have ttf-font-awesome installed? I noticed that some of the music-related glyphs are from Font Awesome.

I just installed ttf-font-awesome. then did fc-cache -fv just in case. Then restarted my terminal.
But unfortunately not a success yet. Music glyphs are still missing.

That is strange indeed. I just installed ttf-sourcecodepro-nerd and tested the plugin. The icons do render on alacritty.

If it’s not too much trouble, can you try it on a different terminal emulator?

I verified that ttf-sourcecodepro-nerd is installed and it is.
Running now ranger in Xterm and UXTerm, on those 2 terminal, no glyphs are showing at all.

This is the problematic icon , correct?

Can you confirm?

yes, I confirm. That’s one of them. doesn’t show up in my firefox browser either.

Yup. That’s expected. Unless you use a patched font for your browser, which isn’t the case by default.

I just installed xfce4-terminal on my system and the music icon do render inside the devicons.py file. If the terminal emulator isn’t the culprit and we are both using the same fonts installed from the Arch repo, then it’s either the plugin itself the configuration applied to it.

Ok, I’m lost. I don’t know what to look for.

Copying and pasting this into the terminal also shows a rectangular block?

What about this 󰝚 and this 󰎆?

The first one, shows a rectangular block in terminal.
The last 2 shows up correctly. One is dual music note and the second one is a single music note in a circle. Strange.