Random reboots once a day several kernel versions

It cuts out directly, almost like someone hit the reset button directly. (I don’t have cats)

From what I have read 95c is the full load temp for the i9, kind of crazy huh. I think this is fine.

I don’t have a spare GPU, sold the old one when I got the 3090. I do think the cpu has one so I might try just not right now I have some work to take care of.

looks more and more like my issue, do you have a spare Power supply? :wink:

Mm if it cuts out directly it could be like @BS86 already mentioned a power supply failure due to overload, psu does shutdown at this point.

Try without the gpu, if the cut out does not occur, either power supply or gpu at fault. my guess would be power supply, but that does not necessarily mean the psu is broken, it may not handle the load with the gpu installed

What psu do you have? For this kind of system you need at least 800-900 watt. That means a stable quality psu with 80% efficiency. The cpu and nvidia card alone can already use up to 600 watt

I had to go find the box but I have a Seasonic Prime PX-1300 80 plus platinum. Should be more than enough power. Good news is if it turns out to be the PS there is a 12 year warranty on it .

On a side note I just upgraded to 6.7 kernal, and the issue persists.

$ uname -r

So after much banging my head I do believe this is a known hardware issue between my power supply “Seasonic Prime PX-1300” and my GPU “Geforce RTX 3090” where the PS is receiving excessive noise on the +12V sense line being fedback from the graphics card.

Once have the right google search “Seasonic PX-1300 3090 OCP” this is a known huge issue.


I have contacted Seasonic, apparently there is a cable with a ferrite bead installed that can help.

I am like 95% sure this is the issue, so I am going to mark solved for now.

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