RAM usage test - FF vs Brave

Because of another thread I got curious about RAM usage on my machine (my netbook, which has 8GB RAM) and so I did some quick tests. While I did those, I found something I wasn’t expecting. So I did another test:

After restarting the machine I opened 20 tabs with the exact same sites on FF and Brave:



And then I checked RAM usage:

Screenshot_20221117_172523 (1)

Surprise, surprise :wink:

Browsers don’t necessarily hold all the tabs in RAM. Cycle through all tabs untill they all load on both browsers, cycle again to see if they reload or just open and check again.

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Also perhaps repeat the test for one browser at a time with a reboot in between.


Had to use my phone 'cause I don’t have screen recorder installed:

Both browsers hold all tabs in RAM, no reloads.

Only FF

Only Brave


So Firefox was such a memory hag hog!

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any extensions installed in FF?

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They must have installed hundreds of them to account for 1 GiB more memory usage:

Screenshot from 2022-11-17 20-33-25


How do you get that window on FF?

about:performance in the URL bar.

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interesting, I use gnome and have a plasma add on taking 6.8Mb RAM :rofl: I guess its time to switch it off.


Shouldn’t be there at the first place :wink: :sweat_smile:

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uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger und DDG Privacy Essentials

never tried those, but assume they don’t take that much RAM hopefully.

Nver tried uBlock Origin? You should try it out.

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I see, just checked it. Finally I can scroll an article without the gazillions of pop ups. Generally I just toggle the FF reader view.

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In the settings enable “I am an advanced user” uBlock can do so much more then just blocking ads.


uBlock Origin is field of science :wink:


thanks guys, as usual your opening the doors of knowledge!

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While RAM usage is important, the biggest win for FF is it isnt chrome/chromium based :upside_down_face:

FF could use 3x the RAM and id still use to to not contribute to a chromium dominated web.

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