Quick question about EOS and fonts

hey everyone. i just installed arch linux on my machine using this ISO, more specifically the “pure” KDE version which promises a default KDE install with no editions or additions whatsoever. while i haven’t had any deal breaking issues so far (i’m keeping another flash drive ready with EOS just in case anything happens) i noticed that my system doesn’t display japanese fonts, showing blank rectangles instead.
i’d like to know if there’s a list of fonts that are shipped with EOS out there that i can take a look at. my bet is that it’s one of these, but i don’t know what to install. i admittedly don’t know anything about font management in linux since it’s not something i ever had to deal with, so i’d appreciate some orientation. thanks in advance. (ps: even though i run arch now i plan on sticking in this community since you guys are so chill, hope it’s not a problem)

    - ttf-dejavu
    - ttf-liberation
    - ttf-bitstream-vera
    - cantarell-fonts
    - noto-fonts
    - adobe-source-han-sans-jp-fonts
    - adobe-source-han-sans-kr-fonts
    - adobe-source-han-sans-cn-fonts
    - opendesktop-fonts
    - ttf-opensans

It is probably adobe-source-han-sans-jp-fonts that you are looking for.


thanks for the quick reply!! where can i see all the pkgs that EOS installs – just in case i miss something else?

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@plexure - please feel free to stick around the community. While we are mostly about Endeavour OS, it’s not necessarily a pre-requisite. We have lots of community members running other flavors.


EOS was basically born from the idea to continue the community feeling on a new forum that would invite any Arch or Arch-based Linux user in the group, so not a problem at all. Fridge is over there, grab me one too, would ya?


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