Questions re initial customization

Some simple questions here. New to Endeavour OS. Trying out the Budgie version.

  • How does one switch Caps Lock and Esc?

  • How does one “drag” a window to a neighboring workspace?

  • How does one navigate the Desktop menu using the keyboard?

This is probably documented somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it.

all best, jr

Added in proof: found answer to second item in an Ubuntu forum. Any other place I should look for documentation?

Budgie DE Documentation.


Using the arrow keys selects applications in the menu, but because of the SelectionMode of the applications list, there is no visual indicator. I just made a Pull Request to fix this here.

As to the first question, that I have no idea.

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Probably will need:

1 community/interception-caps2esc 0.3.2-2 [8.23KiB 20.13KiB]
    Interception plugin that transforms the most useless key ever in the most useful one

or xmodmap.


Thanks for the response and the pull request. In addition to what you indicated there is also a problem with accessing the first column of categories (by arrow keys) – at least on my laptop. Do you see that as well?

Now that the first PR has been merged, yes, I can see that. Made another PR to fix that here.

Thanks for your action on these things.

I figured out how to switch the caps and esc key using dconf-editor. So that’s taken care of.

There are two more questions that I have as I play around with things more:

  • How do you log off - as opposed to either shutting down (C - Alt - Del) or going to sleep (Alt-L)?

  • When switching to a workspace with one active window, there is no initial focus. So I have to use another keystroke to focus on the lone window. Is this easy to customize?

thanks and all best.

Clicking the power button in Budgie Menu has a log-out option. This same dialog is brought up by clicking the User Indicator applet if you add that to your panel. If you prefer a more traditional menu, this applet can be installed from the AUR, which also has a log-out option.

For this, I would ask to file a report here so it’s on the radar and the feasibility can be looked at and discussed. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Upon quick discussion on Matrix, it sounds like this used to work, but the applet hasn’t seen any changes in a few years. So it might be a change in Mutter, in which case…

EDIT 2: There are a couple open issues on Mutter which might be related to this:

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