Questions on bar configuration


I have seen that the configuration for the bar in the i3 version is located in ~/.config/i3/scripts/powermenu . However, I don’t know if it is there where it is configured on which screen the bar is displayed to since right now the bar spreads over two displays. Furthermore, where is the font size of elements in the bar as well as the size of the icons changed?



If you are referring to i3bar, the config is located at ~/.config/i3/i3blocks.conf.
The ‘scripts’ folder contains plugins requested by i3blocks.conf.

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To configure the polybar location that would be in .config/i3/config towards the bottom of the file. There is also a second bar that you could uncomment and add to a specific screen in the default eos i3 themed config file. There should be an example in the file, you just change hdmi to the name of your screen which can be found via xrandr

I have managed to fix the display issue but with regards to the size of the objects and the space between them I have no clue as to how to adjust that.