Questions about the drivers from AMD

I have an AMD Radeon RX 580 running here in the computer and the amdgpu driver for it. For videos in mpv and their hardware acceleration (also in Firefox) I have additionally
vulkan-radeon, mesa-vdpau, vdpauinfo, radeontop installed. I do not play games on the computer (apart from spertuxkart), what is useful from these packages and what not?

It is up to you if you want radeontop. As for the rest, I would keep them. I would also add libva-mesa-driver if you don’t have that one for va-api(Accelerated video).

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thx @dalto :ok_hand:t2:

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Maybe also libva-utils, to check that libva-mesa-driver works and what it encodings it supports.

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And how do i apply the libva utils?

It gives vainfo, similar to vdpauinfo but for vaapi. See


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