Questions about headset and dual-monitor for new build


I have been using EndeavourOS for the last few months and I have always had a pleasent experience excluding sound. I have a Atom Amp, Khadas tone board DAC, Beyerdynamic 770dt, and a Modmic. I havent been able to get the mic to work. I wonder if anyone else could get a similar setup to work?

Also, I plan to build a new computer:

ryzen 2700
asus b450 prime-plus
16gb ram
nvidia gt 1030 GPU

Can I use two monitors where I connect one to the GPU and the other to the motherboard?
Also, does anyone else have an experience with HyperX Cloud 2 wired? I plan to buy it if it works with EOS.

AFAIK you can’t use the display output of the mainboard with a graphics card in the PCIE slot at the same time.

And… the mainboard does not have an internal graphics chip. For that you need an AMD CPU with “G” (for graphics) in the name. Here more about it.

OP is using the Nvidia GT 1030 i think as per the post. So ya no onboard graphics.

Yes @ricklinux , thought about this…

And the slot on motherboard is for CPU with integrated graphics.

@ricklinux @sandman Yes, I checked that right now. I will have to use the two connection slots of the GPU.

So it will be running on the same GPU GT 1030 correct! I know there are many times sound issues with headsets & mic but you never know until you try it. I did see some stuff posted on reddit about the HyperX Cloud 2 but i always take it with a bit of skepticism as i don’t know what they have done or how accurate the information is depending on what they are doing.

The B450 is very good board. It does have support for CPU with onboard graphics. Also has support for ECC memory depending on whether the CPU supports it which the Ryzen 2700 does not.

The B450 was the flagship for the Ryzen line until the newer boards came out. It’s paired well with the CPU you have in mind.

Yes. I will finally have the full experience without sensible response time delay and CPU throttle.