Questions about "focus mode", "drag to float" and the "future" of this WM

There are a lot of window managers out there as if there is no reason to create another one. But look closely and most of them pigeonhole themselves into one of the two categories:

  • WM is so configurable it will takes days to get to anything workable with the added benefit of bloat features that will never be used. (awesomewm, …)
  • WM is so simple configuring to something workable is like essentially rewriting it. (dwm, …)

Probably not the first but then came along worm which is just right, at least for me. After days of WM hoping here I am. I like how it is “tiny, dynamic, tag-based” and also how quick and easy to make it workable.

But I hit a few snags:

Focus Mode
I really like it when windows attain focus when the mouse hovers over them but focus-mode 2 has no effect. Am I doing it wrong?

Drag to Float
I am not a fan of title bars in WM. frame-height 0 hides the title bars but I faced something unexpected. If I click on the border of the window and drag it the window is floating. I want the windows in tile mode to be essentially locked. Can worm be configured as such?

The Future
The last commit on the worm repo is from a few months ago… is it actively maintained? Or is it more of an “on/off” “personal” thing? I mean EOS shipping it is endorsement enough but I just wanted to know because I plan on using it as my main (and only) WM.

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mhhh i was looking for a dynamic window manager to use on my laptop… is this the one?

but it unfortunately wont work for me… the mouse doesnt show up and the resolution trips out.