Question systemd-boot and btrfs setup

Several people the other day recommended to use systemd-boot over Grub because of issues Grub has been giving. So because I wasn’t able to resize root filesystem because it is encrypted I decided to reinstall. I now the default btrfs filesystem setup as before with several subvolumes and that filesystem is encrypted. The only difference I noticed with systemd-boot a sepeterate partition was created for /efi and that is where the kernel is stored and other files related to systemd-boot and efi. Now it is my understanding that because /efi is on a separate partition when I revert a snapshot the kernel and boot files will not be included. Here’s my question does anyone know if systemd-boot supports booting off of an encrypted filesystem, so that if I moved /efi to be part of my root filesystem I wouldn’t have any issues booting?

I think I already found the answer in an old topic, give by @dalto

So from this it is my understanding systemd-boot doesn’t support booting off of an encypted boot/efi partition?

This isn’t possible. Your EFI partition can’t be encrypted no matter which bootloader you choose. The UEFI standard doesn’t support that.

This is correct, after restoring a snapshot, you would need to chroot into the system and do some manual cleanup.

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Thanks for verifying, that saved me another reinstall. Now that you mention it, when I had Grub on my system I do remember selecting a separate mount point for /boot/efi. It now seems with systemd-boot efi files and kernel files are all under /efi. It was a bit confusing that Grub and Systemd-boot differ a bit in setting up efi and boot files.

I thought so but it’s good to be sure now. It was nice though under Grub that I was able to store have /boot encrypted so that when I revert a snapshot the kernel files would be restored too. Not a big deal since it’s easy enough to chroot into the system if I were to need to restore the system.

Thanks for your reply @dalto, I appreciate you taking the time to reply!

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