Question regarding nvidia drivers, missing settings/ gui menu

hi, unsure if my drivers are correct as i get mixxed answers online from reading threads
im missing any kinds of gui program for gpu as i want to manually adjust fan speed and the terminal command for it doesnt work for it.

currently i use the zen kernel and my gpu is a nvidia rtx 3080
when i installed the os i used the nvidia version and only ever updated with yay, no manual nvidia tinkering, so i should have the correct proprietary drivers and all but no gui.

i was looking for a package called nvidia-settings but that would uninstall libs32-nvidia-utils it said so i aborted it.

i have this installed:

my question is are those the correct drivers?

according to terminal i have card id 2216, Series 535: supported ( 535.86.05)
which matches the installed stuff but why do i have no gui for nvidia settings, is having both utils and libs32 utils needed?
or can i savely uninstall libs32 to get nvidia-settings package? or is there another way for me to access the nvidia settings? i mainly need to adjust fanspeed

You should have nvidia-settings installed with the packages you list.

What happens if you open a terminal and type nvidia-settings

bash: nvidia-settings: command not found

alright i fixxed it myself. rebooted my pc and tried again to install nvidia-settings, this time it didnt want to uninstall libs32 first, works fine now.