Question on removing/installing a DE

Hi all.
I was blessed to use Endeavour’s net installer, my first time using one. I picked budgie, and it installed seamlessy. Somewhere in the middle of the process it asked me if I wanted a second DE so I picked Cinnamon for the heck of it.
Cinnamon is an option when I boot but I didn’t really warm up to it.
Quick questions:

  1. do endeavour arch users typically keep a second DE at boot up? Or is that just an indulgence?

  2. is it really this easy? from (
    " now follow these steps:

  1. uninstall old Desktop: eos-packagelist "XFCE4-Desktop" > xfce followed by: sudo pacman -Rc - < xfce4
  2. install new Desktop: eos-packagelist --install "GNOME-Desktop"
  3. Make sure base system is intact: eos-packagelist --install "Desktop-Base + Common packages"
  4. change Display Manager: sudo systemctl -f enable GDM"

3)xfce and gnome are the examples. but do the basic commands of the 2021 wiki article still stand?
4)from budgie I can uninstall cinnamon? pacman takes care of rundep issues?
5)from budgie I can install one of the WM DE’s like openbox? Or lxqt?
6)if I the DE I chose had a different Dm that lightdm, then systemctl would start both DM’s every boot?

sorry for the deluge, I’m reading as much material as I can and haven’t answered all that to my satisfaction yet.
thank you kindly


In most cases, yes. There are times when certain DEs will conflict though.




No, you will only be running one of them. You don’t need to switch. You can use your current DM to launch any DE. Alternatively, you can switch and use the new one with the existing DE too.

All that being said, running multiple DEs is rarely a completely trouble free process. Unless you are experienced, you will usually find yourself in a mess eventually. We don’t really recommend doing this unless you are prepared to manage the consequences.


I think I hated having two of everything in Budgie–a Noah’s ark of apps:two screenshots, three media players, two file managers, two notepads, two PDF readers etc etc etc and that was one of the turnoffs of having an extra DE. So I uninstalled half of Cinnamon without uninstalling it…so your answer to #1 is unsurprising.

second reason I ask is I think my learning curve needs to improve with WMs. Openbox seemed too easy and I want to explore Wayland.

Noted :grinning:–I thought so. Thanks for the clear answers and tthe lightdm question…my experiences in the past were GDM will always interfere if it’s there.

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This is the first time I hear of such a behavior of the installer. I wonder if this is a new “feature” :thinking:

Another vote for definitely not in my case. Just like you, I hated seeing duplicate applications. Generally I don’t even want a WM installed separate from my DE if that’s installed.

I have XFCE, Cinnamon, Plasma(x11 + wayland), Cutefish on my laptop. They fight, they break each other. You will learn lots fixing them up, and you get to keep all the pieces because it’s your system.

But if you want trouble-free sailing, choose one that is considered stable (eg XFCE) and run that alone.


If I install a second DE it’s for testing purpose and I use it with a testing user.

yes, it was something offered (extra DE’s) in the customized net-install process. I would not have come up with the idea on my own :grinning:.

I was wondering because I have never seen a popup or some such in the middle of the installation process to ask me explicitly if I want a second DE as in the way you have described:

Maybe it is a feature of the new ISO installer. I haven’t used one for some time.

I think he is referring to the netinstall page which lets you add additional packages including additional DEs.

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yep, that was the one.

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I see … :blush:

Yes there are options but your not asked to install a second DE :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyways, good to have cleared up the mystery :wink:

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mmmm…“offered” I would stand by