Question about webcam drivers and kernels

I use a macbook air (2014?) for EOS and when I first installed it I got the webcam working. At the time I tried multiple times and forgot how I actually got it to work. At another time the kernel updated past the LTS and the webcam didn’t work. Someone suggested I installed the LTS kernel alongside the newest one, and that worked fine. When I need the webcam, I use LTS.

My main question is: If I start to try to fix the webcam in the newest kernel, could that mess with how it works in the LTS kernel? Or, if because it does work in LTS and doesn’t in the newest, does that automatically mean it doesn’t work in the newest kernel and I shouldn’t even try? Lastly - is there some super secret easy way to “reload” what’s associated with the LTS kernel that would magically make it work in the newest kernel?

Thanks in advance - you guys are the best!

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Maybe these links help:

To answer your main question: write down in detail everything what you change in the system, then you can revert the changes easily if you encounter new problems.


As an answer to that question, no, those two kernels work independently from each other.

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To add to what @Bryanpwo has said, the reason the LTS kernel works is because it is a rolled back version of the arch Linux mainline kernel. Something was introduced in a kernel update to the main line kernel that made the webcam stop functioning. Hopefully a future update will correct the issue. Feel free to try the latest kernel and see if it works and if not you can always ask for help :grinning:

This is the beauty of having more than one kernel installed :+1:

Thanks for the explanation everyone! Much appreciated. Will give all those a try.

Possibly one last question: if I did nothing - is it possible the webcam, with updates to the newest kernel, could just start working?

It would depend on what specifically was the issue, but the short answer is: yes, it’s possible.

Ahh, I thought this might be the case. But I guess it’s also me being lazy on my part… but thank you