Question about the boot flag for Calamares installer

Until now, after reinstalling EnOS with the Calamares installer, I still subsequently marked the EFI partition as esp/boot, since it only carried the “msftdata” flag. I mounted the boot partition as boot/EFI during the installation. Is the flag as “esp” still necessary or is “msftdata” sufficient? When installing Manjaro (also Calamares) the flag after installation is “esp/boot”. What is correct, what is necessary?

You won’t actually be needing any “flags” on ESP post-install. It is identified by its partition type GUID. See here:

And also:

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According to this you could also leave the “msftdata” flag or remove it just as well, it wouldn’t matter?

Looks like that it can’t be removed unless you set other flags on the partition. It just wouldn’t matter to leave it like that.

(GPT) - This flag identifies partitions that contain Microsoft filesystems (NTFS or FAT). It may optionally be set on Linux filesystems to mimic the type of configuration created by parted 3.0 and earlier, in which a separate Linux filesystem type code was not available on GPT disks. This flag can only be removed within parted by replacing it with a competing flag, such as boot or msftres.

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thanx @pebcak

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