Question about removing openssh

I think I messed some configurations. And yes I didn’t keep a bkp file for the originals…(one live and learns)
So I decided to remove and do a clean reinstal of openssh.

@EndevourOS ~]$ sudo pacman -Rns openssh
checking dependencies...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing openssh breaks dependency 'openssh' required by gcr
:: removing openssh breaks dependency 'openssh' required by gnome-keyring

but obviously the system has different ideas to me.
So how can I completely reinstall openssh - so that all the config files are reset to original settings.


Removing a package and reinstalling it is not a good way to clean out the configs in the first place. Any configs created by the software will stay in place even after a removal of the software.

Which configs are you trying to replace? Just delete those configs and then reinstall openssh. There is no reason to uninstall it.

I was looking into ssh_config and sshd_config

ok thank you that’s great.

and one more clarification.
On debian systemctl status ssh or systemctl status sshd each return a result
Bot on EOS systemctl status ssh does not. Why?

Because Arch doesn’t have a service named ssh

ok - yeah, where I am confused is:
there is a client using ssh and there is a server using ssh
In the debian world the two seem to be somehow separated but in the Arch world they are one. ? I am asking.

The software is the same. Debian just breaks them into 2 packages.

That has nothing to do with why systemctl status ssh or systemctl status sshd each return a result on Debian. The reason both those return a result on debian is that debian has an alias for the ssh systemd service to sshd. Both those commands on debian return status for the same service. Neither of them have anything to do with the client.

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well I just learned something.
Thank you so very much!

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