Question about parameter for lightdm.conf. file

At the point of merging a pacnew file.

There are 5 differences between original conf. file and the pacnew version.
1.) original file is headed by this line => [Seat:*], pacnew file this is missing.
2.) original file has this line=> #logind-check-graphical=false, pacnew file has it as true
3.) original file has this line => greeter-session=lightdm-slick-greeter, pacnew file has it set to gtk-gnome
4.) original file has this line => user-session=xfce, pacnew file is set to default
5.) original file has this line => autologin-user=mark, pacnew file is set to blank

Not sure what to do with the differences in 1st and third instances. Seems like I would want to set #2 to true, #4 I would retain xfce since that’s what I’m using, and #5 I would retain autologin to my name rather than blank

Before I merge into the original and delete the pacnew, I need to know what is the best way to handle the two I’ve flagged.

Any help is appreciated.

I just kept all settings on my original config file except I changed graphical to yes.
Merged saved and removed pacnew file. rebooted nothing broke.

You could try changing this one and see what happens. If boot is successful then, I’d leave it changed to the new setting.

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