Question about installing virtualbox-guest-iso in a Windows VM

I have made a Windows 11 guest VM. I am trying to install the guest iso on the VM.
When I mount it, I can open it in the file explorer. I don’t know which one to install.

  1. VBoxWindowsAdditions or 2. VBoxWindowsaAddition-amd64 ?

The host machine has AMD processor:

Info: 8-core model: AMD Ryzen 7 4800U with Radeon Graphics bits: 64
type: MT MCP cache: L2: 4 MiB

I am thankful for your advice!

Haven’t used the guest iso in years, but I think it should be installed in the host instead of guest. Then the guest can use the services provided by the host.
Sorry if I remember this wrong.

Thank you @manuel for replying!

I read this part from Archlinux wiki. It says you need to install guest additions inside the guest.

Ok, starting to remember a bit more.
You install the guest iso package to the host. The the vm should see it as a drive, which you already see. Then in guest you install the additions.

You could look at the install files in guest with the command prompt. Those exe files may both execute the same stuff, but i’m not sure.

Edit: your machine is 64-bit, so i guess the 64 version is correct.

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Yes, this is the part I don’t know. Maybe they install the same thing in the guest. I don’t understand the difference if there are two installers.

I see your edit now. I think so too. I will try the amd64 installer. Thank you for helping!

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Might be just backward compatibility stuff to very old machines.

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For future reference:

Simply run VBoxWindowsAdditions.exe and it will install the correct version based on the characteristics of your system (x86 for 32bit, amd64 for 64bit)

Obviously it is equally right to run the amd64 version immediately if you are sure that both the hardware and software in use support 64bit.


Thank you for the replay @GjMan78!
This is what I finally did. I ran only the VBoxWindowsaAddition-amd64.exe. I had display resolution issue in Windows guest. Now it is ok.

Thank you @manuel and @GjMan78 for the help!

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