Question about hardware upgrade (cpu and gpu) and linux

Hi everyone, I have a question about upgrading hardware on Linux.

I currently have a Ryzen 7 5700X CPU and an AMD RADEON RX 6750 XT video card.

In the future I would like to upgrade these two components, I will take a Ryzen 9 5900X CPU and an AMD RADEON RX 7800 GPU.

If so, are there any precautions I should take?

For the video card, since I already have an AMD video card and will always get an AMD video card, do I leave the video drivers as they are (I have the AMD Radv), or do I uninstall them and reinstall everything?

However, if I had to switch from an AMD graphics card to an NVidia graphics card (I don’t think it can happen, but since I find myself asking, I’m also asking this), what should I do?

Thank you all.

AMD works with kernel developers to provide support for their hardware in the Linux kernel.

For the Graphics card, amdgpu, the open source driver, is already in the kernel. You wouldn’t need to do anything. Depending on your card you may need to install some extra packages to get Vulkan support for example.

For amdgpu-pro

In case you will be switching to Nvidia graphics card, you would need to install the proprietary drivers.

If you do a fresh install of the system, choose the Nvidia boot option when booting up your live usb.


Meanwhile, thanks for the reply.

Ok, so changing the CPU shouldn’t do anything, right?

After all, I would always remain on the same architecture and socket (an AM4 Zen3) with the new processor. Change the frequency, the number of cores (from 8 to 12 I think) and the power absorption.

Ok, now I always have an amd card, so I have the opensource drivers with mesa and vulkan installed. I shouldn’t say anything else, right?

Ok in the case of reinstallation it is certainly a convenient thing. I’ll find out about the driver switch just in case.

An open driver hasn’t been released for nVidia, I think it’s called noveau or something similar?

Not by Nvidia. I am not an Nvidia user so I am not following that much the news about their products. However if I remember correctly, they were to opensource parts of their drivers. I don’t how far that has gone. You could perhaps do some research on the subject if that is of interest to you.

Nouveau is the community developed open source driver for Nvidia cards:

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