Question about GPU load and desktop lag

This is probably a very newbie question, and could not be related with EOS, but anyways…

When my GPU is at 100% in some games (mostly emulators like yuzu and dolphin) the desktop drops some (or A LOT of) frames even when the game is running somehow fine.

For example, playing Mario Odyssey with a high resolution, the GPU is at 100% but the game runs at 56-57fps, very playable… except it’s not, because plasma drops to 29-30fps and is absolutely unusable.

There are also situations where the game somehow synchronizes with the desktop (?) and if it drops frames, so does the desktop, the movement of windows feels laggy and the plasma fps effect shows that it’s below 60fps so it confirms that there is indeed lag.

This also happens with some wine games, like Elden Ring.

Also, strange enough, playing Persona 5 in yuzu works fine in 60fps but if I limit it to 30fps (activating vsync) the GPU load drops to 70-80% but THE DESKTOP DROPS TO 30FPS TOO… it’s so weird…
Is anything of this normal? Is it normal that if the GPU is at 100% it can’t render the desktop because it lacks resources?. The CPU is not loaded at all, and neither is the ram or the disk…

Maybe I’ve never seen this yet because this is my first PC where I don’t have an iGPU+dGPU configuration and only has the dGPU?.

*This happens with all the kernels I tried, and with AMDVLK and RADV.

DE: KDE Plasma
Ryzen 5700X
AMD Radeon 6600
32GB 3600mhz Ram
NVME 1TB disk

Not a gamer so can’t help with the actual problem however it would be helpful if you could post a log file so we can see whats going on. Being new to Linux is the best time to start learning about the log files and how to read/use them. eos does have a log tool to help

eos-log-tool and there is eos-sendlog 

These can be used to help us help you.

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Also in some cases I get this error in journalctl when the lag happens:
ruben kwin_wayland[912]: kwin_screencast: Dropping a screencast frame because the compositor is slow
It repeats for like thousands of lines until I close the game. But it doesn’t show always, just with some games like Persona 5 (Yuzu).

Also, if you ask for logs I suppose this behaviour is not normal at all?.. what could be happening? it’s weird…