Question about encrypted install of EOS

So I have installed eos and chose encryption.
Now after installation I found that /efi is on a separated partition and not /boot and also the initrd images of linux are on /efi and not /boot.
I mean to say /boot is encrypted and /efi is not and the initrd images of linux are on /efi.

Is this another approach as Im not familiar to it and what are its advantages/disadvantages as opposed to having /boot encrypted and initrid images residing on /boot.
Also would it be possible to dual boot with windows or any other os using this configuration. As I don’t want myself being limited to just one distro if this method of install does not allow me to dual boot.

Sounds like your system is using systemd-boot; it will use the approach you describe. It leaves kernel and initrd exposed to a potential attacker, while in the case of using GRUB to unlock the LUKS volume, and load kernel and initrd from there, only the BRUB loader is exposed to an attacker. Both approaches leave some attack surface, and if you have reason to be worried about such attacks, neither approach would be good enough.

Dual boot with Windows should be possible but I have not used dual boot in the last 20 years or so, therefore I cannot recommend how to best approach this. Typically you should install Windows first, Linux afterwards, then find a method to add the Linux boot to the Windows bootloader. Using alternative loaders such as rEFInd (or even your BIOS’s built-in boot options) is possible but I’m not up-to-date as to whether Windows would leave those alone in case of system upgrades etc.

Whatever you want to do, if the installer does not offer you to integrate it, you’ll have to do it yourself. This is probably not overly difficult but surely a bit tedious, and it might be worth to try it out in a VM or on a second computer to get familiar with the process before trying it on your main system.

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systemd-boot requires the images to be in the EFI partition. That is why it is done that way.

If you don’t want that for some reason, you can choose to use grub during the install process.


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