Question about btrfs & extra kernel

Before this, i’ve been relying on dejadup backup to keep backups of my system in case something goes wrong. I also keep an lts kernel in the event that the current kernel i am using dies. This is all from what i’ve read after distro hopping the last week.

So my question is about btrfs, if i reinstall my system and switch it from ext4 to btrfs & use timeshift autosnap, is that good enough to recover if my system goes boom, can i keep the other internal drive as ext4 while having my boot/ssd drive as btrfs to make use of timeshift autosnap?

You do not need to switch to btrfs to use Timeshift. Ext4 is fine. Regardless if you chose to switch filesystem or not, Timeshift should be sufficient to restore your system if it ever breaks.

I’m not sure if Timeshift will let you store your backed up snaps on an ext4 drive (if the system you’re backing up is btrfs) but someone else will have to confirm that.

There is no reason Ext4 and Btrfs cannot coexist on the same machine.

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