Quality of life recomendation for AMD/Intel + Nvidia laptop users, ( Choosing if you want to boot with nvidia or not )

Hello everyone and thank you for giving your time to read this text.

I’m not really new to Linux and specifically Endeavour os. But of course there are things that I Still do not know or do not Understand.

This topic is about how to make a grub configuration where I can choose if I want Endeavour to boot with the nvidia/nouveau driver enabled or with the nvidia card powered off.

The reason I have this Idea is because me and probably many Endeavour users have installed this Linux distro inside their laptops, and I am sure that a big portion of them uses optimus laptops ( AMD/Intel + nvidia ). So… Is there any way to choose in the grub boot-loader if you want to use the nvidia card or not before the Linux system is booted ?

This could be useful not only for Endeavour os but also for other distros because many laptop users use distros like Ubuntu, Pop os, Arco, Arch, MX linux, opensuse and fedora.

Thank you for your time.

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I have a ROG laptop with RTX2070 (was a salvage, I didn’t buy it lol) and I have to do optimus-manager --switch nvidia and re-log to get on nVidia, but I was reading somewhere (nouveau page maybe?) that if I install the “power management packages”, I can set it to be nVidia GPU by default.

But getting back to your specific suggestion for adding a selection prior to boot, I think that would be cool, too especially maybe for toubleshooting. Good suggestion. <3 :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure about your idea with different boot options, but Optimus laptops can be configured to run the iGPU by default and then only offload to the dGPU when you explicitly launch an application with prime-run. I don’t have an Nvidia GPU myself, but I have read about this option in the Garuda Linux wiki here: