QtScrcpy Unofficial Flatpak

Ive been not doing so well mentally, so obviously the best option was to learn how to make flatpak application.

If you have to know how to build flatpak you can use this awesome bit of software as a flatpak

If i get permission from the original author I’ll post it to flathub. In the mean time this is really a fantastic bit of software that allows you to do some fun stuff with controlling your Android device via usb/wifi.

Original git here

Had you sad that “the best option was to learn how to make snaps” I would be really worried about your mental health.

I hope you get better soon and use the AUR.

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That would put quite a literal spin on the word “snap.”


I prefer to avoid the AUR and I enjoy flatpaks because of the consistency with dependencies when i distro hop along with it having at least some sandboxing even if not perfect. I can increase my confidence in flatpaks if im the one making them. :sweat_smile: