Qtile install problem

Hi there, im new in this forum.
i have installed endeavour os recently, and i would like to get the qtile wm, i read the qtile install process were it say you should do a pacman -S qtile.

The process seams to be all right, but when i look for the qtile folder, its not anywhere, and if i reboot and log in qtile wm option it get a config err! message and cant do anything (not even with the default key bindings).

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but i need help.

Should be ~/.config/qtile from what i read.

it is, but it seam there’s some files missing like de config.py (where it’s supposed to be the config that you can change),i don’t know maybe im missing something, but the process seem to be a pacman -S qtile installation.
i will keep investigating around this wm.


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You will not have a config in home/user/.config/qtile unless you put one there. That’s why you get an error on first logging in to qtile.

Run this in the terminal:
cp /usr/share/doc/qtile/default_config.py ~/.config/qtile/config.py

This will copy the default example config over to your user’s config directory. Then hack on the file. Best of luck.


Look at this video , it helps a lot , https://lbry.tv/@DistroTube:2/qtile-getting-started-and-setting:b
It’s to late i see this but dt give always good tips .

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