Qtile - 4K, HiDPI, display/monitor scaling - Firefox mouse cursor does not respect scaling

UPDATE: Solved. See post three.

Hi, I am new to EOS (any Arch) and new to tiling window managers.

My monitor is 4K resolution.
I scaled to 200% most of the UI by adding
Xft.dpi: 192

but the mouse cursor is at 100% when over Firefox.

How do I fix this?

UPDATE: Solved. See post three.

I had the following set of fixes on i3. Dont recall whether it fixes Firefox mouse cursor though.

HiDPI can be tricky in linux and not everything works well with it. Maybe this will help if you haven’t seen it https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/HiDPI#Firefox

Thanks for the help!
for some reason the “Neutral” cursor theme does not scale.
neofetch gives me
Icons: Papirus-Dark [GTK2/3]
according to this (under 2.2 LXAppearance) Firefox (and other apps) respects the cursor theme set in
I changed
and it worked.
Shout-out to Blugil on Reddit (see bottom of post for solution)