[QT6.5] Qbittorrent/MKVToolnix theme glitches when moving window

Latest update (AKA: qt6-base (6.4.3-1.1 → 6.5.0-3.1))

The theme breaks when moving the window, opening the preferences menu, etc.
I’m using Arc-Dark as the general xfce theme.

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This is also happening here.
Gnome Wayland. Using Adwaita-dark.

Downgrading QT6 to 6.4.3 fixes it

yay -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/qt6-*6.4.3*.zst

So it can be a bug introduced by QT or a bug in QBittorrent, I filed both bug reports

QBittorrent Bug Report

QT Bug Report

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This isn’t happening on KDE. :wink:


Good to know. Can you confirm you are fully updated to QT6.5?

I have what ever is installed as per EOS/KDE at the present time.

Edit: Not sure other than this.

Could you execute this command on a terminal?

pacman -Q qt6-base

This gives you the version installed, so we can confirm.

[ricklinux@eos-plasma ~]$ pacman -Q qt6-base
qt6-base 6.5.0-3


simplescreenrecorder-2023-04-15_13.02.01.mkv (3.8 MB)

Bug still happening.

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