Qt Creator IDE Designer is different from Qt Designer

Hello Everyone,
I’m currently running KDE Plasma and Qt Designer was already installed in it.

A few days ago i installed Qt Creator form official repositories.

Today when i was following a tutorial on Signals and Slots , the video showed the method of selecting one widget then pointing to the other widget using mouse :

But in my Qt Creator I’m unable to do this. It simply doesn’t allow me to select the widget after i click Edit Signals/Slots

Btw I’m able to do it using standalone Qt Designer but not using the Qt Designer in Qt Creator

Are these two different or what ? Or do i have to do some configuration

I am not sure I entirely follow the issue you are having. However, I can say that Qt designer and the Design functionality inside Qt Creator are completely separate applications. While there is overlap in functionality. Qt Designer does have functionality that Qt Creator doesn’t have and vice-versa.

In Qt Creator, where is there is a button named “Edit Signals/Slots”? There is a pain at the bottom named “Signals and Slots Editor” but that doesn’t require clicking on a specific object to use.

You can also right click on the object and select “Go to slot”.

It depends what you are actually trying to accomplish.

The 2nd button to the right of Cross (Just below d of window)

I have two widgets : Dial and LCD Number
And i was trying to change the LCD Number as we change the dial

I have no idea what that is supposed to do…

It doesn’t seem to work in any obvious way though.

Did you try using the “Edit Buddies” button right next to it? That seems like it may do what you want.

Alternatively, you could use the “Signals and slots editor at the bottom of the page”

2nd alternative, you could just write the code for it since you are in Qt Creator.

Playing with it more, I think it is actually a bug. It seems like the Edit Buddies button enables the Edit Signals/Slots functionality.

Thank you, “Edit Buddies” did it for me.

I didn’t even try that button because i thought the functionality was not in Qt Creator

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