QT-based applications won't open

Hello everyone. I’ve done something pretty dumb.

So I tried installing the Oxygen KDE application style from the aur package oxygen-git. I ran yay -S oxygen-git and accidentally rebuilt all of KDE plasma’s packages, I think - yay said packages were in conflict and each time I just typed “y” - probably deleting some important ones in doing so, and it just kept building stuff… I remember it asking about replacing a bunch of packages with git versions, like this: package with package-git. I don’t remember what packages, exactly, though.

Running any QT application returns this error: error while loading shared libraries: libKF5CoreAddons.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

What can I do to fix this?..
I’ll maybe try recreating this in a VM, so I know which packages to fix…

The problem is that oxygen-git is the development version of oxygen so it is connected to the development versions of parts of kde. So now you have a mix of development and non-development packages.

Try this:

pacman -Qq | grep "\-git$"

That will give you a list of all the *git packages you have installed.

Then use that list to install the non-git versions of those packages.


Oh, okay, I see. This was an almost-fresh install, so I decided not to bother and just reinstalled Endeavour (I tend to be quite impatient). Thank you for the answer though, that command will come in handy if I break it again ^^