QoL Questions - Boot Splash Image / Gnome Dark Theme

Hello folks,

i’ve switched from years of using Ubuntu on a new device to EndeavourOS and really enjoying this experience so far, a lot of things looking and feeling very pleasing to me, so i’m almost happy, but i have some questions that i couldnt figure out until now:

  • i’ve followed the SilentBoot / Fastboot advices, these decreased my startup times quiet good, but i’m not totally satisfied with having a black screen for ~5 seconds while booting … I see the message from grub “Booting Linux …”, and a short flickering, then a black screen until GDM loads … I’ve read about an possibility, that the vendor icon while BIOS will be shown further until the end of the boot process, what shall i be missing here?

  • in addition, i’ve tried to set up an image to be shown instead of boot messages, but i’ve failed, is there any advise how to achieve that?

  • last question, i’m using GNOME 42 and set theme to dark, but it doesnt apply to all applications, e.g. Firefox, VLC, VSCodium, is there a point where i can configure that also these will use my default gnome theme?

Thanks in advance for your help,


Welcome aboard @dm84 - I’m also waiting for the dark theme issue.

Not sure about the first question. As for your second one have you looked into plymouth? I havent used it on arch but have played around with it a bit on mx. And for your third question i can partialy answer, VLC is a qt application and firefox i normally use the addon/thmes option

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If you’re using an SSD you’ll need to delay the boot process for Plymouth to actually show. My laptop and desktop are both too fast at booting for the boot splash to display before the login screen.

The set theme to Dark Style in the System Settings Appearance tab is only supported by apps that are built using GTK4/libadwaita, which currently only a handful of apps support, e.g. Disk Usage Analyzer, Fragments, Extension Manager, Pika Backup, and a handful of others. Gnome’s core apps haven’t all been updated yet, the process is ongoing and will take some more testing and time.

In the mean time, you can set the Dark Style within the Appearance tab in Settings if you like, but to get what will mostly still be GTK3 apps on your system, you still need to use Gnome Tweaks tool to change your theme. Under the Appearance tab in Gnome Tweaks, you can change the “Legacy Applications” to say Adwaita-dark or if you fancy yaru-gtk-theme is another good one with GTK3/4 support that works well under Gnome.

I can’t speak on your other issues, but hopefully this at least addresses the Dark Style theme issue you’ve been having. Gnome 42 is still a bit wonky, so when you’re changing themes around, sometimes you have to log out and back in for it to take effect on everything, just an FYI. @HMS_Endeavour I wanna say this should help you too maybe? In any case, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:


Sure did. Thanks for a great answer Scotty.

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Gnome 42 issues have been minor, but I’m impatient and fussy.
Still I have a lot of confidence in this release. My workflow has improved outta this world.

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Thanks alot, this was too obvious to find, thank you! :slight_smile:

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