Qemu running OS X on Linux

Due to my university, I will be required to make iOS apps which requires Xcode.

I just want to know if I run OS X on Qemu, would this be faster than running OS X on VirtualBox?

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It would definitely be faster on qemu. I am basing this on the fact that running windows in qemu is night and day difference compared to vitualbox. If you run Windows in qemu in full-screen you can’t even tell you are in a VM. It’s that responsive.

Also I am running OSX successfully on QEMU and performance is very good. Again I am basing my initial assessment based on my Windows experience so I can’t really compare how OSX runs in vbox, but I can only say it runs pretty good in qemu.

You might also be interested to see that there is another option to run XCode in Linux without installing OSX in a VM:

This is news to me too, and I’ll definitely give it a spin as soon as I get some time for it, because I only installed OSX to be able to use XCode.

Btw, I’ve followed this tutorial to setup my macOS instance:

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If it’s a course requirement then they must have a method for you to do this - otherwise it is not fair and not something you should be fixing for them.

Please go back and ask them how they expect you to accomplish the task.

Edit: I’ve also just realised that this is a 12-month-old OP, so might be a bit late on this occasion! :sweat_smile: Next time, though!


Probably by shelling out for a mac :slight_smile:

If the university is paying for it, why not? :man_shrugging:


Fell free to message me in case you need assistance setting up XCode using Darling on Linux, darling has no windows version. For MacOS devs XCode is the best option it is good that it runs on Linux. I have almost no experience with Virtual machines cannot comment on that part, my preference is test pcs.

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Ouch! My bad.

They wanted us to either use their apple computers at university or have an apple computer at home.


You can’t use Darling for GUI MacOS applciations, only terminal based, they claim they were working on it at the time.

I could give that a try if I needed it in the future.

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Not all apps I tested worked, but XCode did work it is an important app for devs and it works.

QUOTE From the website:


  • Does it support GUI apps?Almost! This took us a lot of time and effort, but we finally have basic experimental support for running simple graphical applications. It requires some special setup for now though, so do not expect it to work out of the box just yet. We’re working on this; stay tuned!

https://www.darlinghq.org/ the post is from 2019/2020. XCode works perfectly I tried it:

Read the entire post thread here, you are welcome to try it out and check it out for you.

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Oh wow finally they got that feature in.

That is pretty good.